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[ profile] hakamadare: In this household, we play BOTH kinds of music -- folk, and singer-songwriter!
(The room collapses in giggles.)
(Guest chokes on strawberry smoothie.)
[ profile] hakamadare: Awesome! I get to tell a funny joke, AND I get to resuscitate someone!
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After some discussion in a friend's LJ recently, I decided that having a "reasons-for-self-love list" is preferable to updating my "reasons-for-self-loathing list."

This has been a public service announcement. ;)
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[ profile] awfief, don't peek! (Rescheduled birthday present.)

Tonight's dinner plan... )


Sep. 9th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Wonderful [ profile] goldsquare gave me his boyhood dressers after all, so I have stopped scouring Craigslist. I was going to sand and refinish them today, but it's chilly and looking rain-like. We'll see. They are exactly what I was looking for, though, which makes me happy.

The house is still very much under construction. OMG. It will be an entirely new house by the time we're done. Y'all should come see it then. Not now. I should post pictures now, but don't have brain.

My inbox is back down to 900ish. This is awesome, and represents a bit of work. I know, I know, not done yet.

We do have a new housemate for the short-to-medium term, Kirsten. She's in her last semester at college. Seems to be going well so far, and that's saying something, given the stress the construction has added to our household.

[ profile] lightfixer might come over soon and finish setting up the music server. Then I might be able to upload all my new music from Falconridge and Campfire. I have so much good music to catch up on! Yay!

There was brunch this morning, sort of. It was nice, despite the construction dust factor. I think I hang out a lot with the Arisia geeks, lately. And I talk a lot about Arisia stuff. I swear, it's not my whole life. :P

I went to the Big Party yesterday. I swam, and hugged lots and lots and lots of people. Saw tons & tons of y'all. Then I left with [ profile] noeltheone to go see a drag king show in the evening. Which was also awesome. :)

Going backward, went to [ profile] naufiel and [ profile] mtolan's for Shabbat dinner Friday night. Fabulousness. We had some good geeking and some spectacular eating, and it was midnight before I realized it. Given how tiring my week was, that's saying a lot.

In general, I think I like being social again. I wish we could do it more at home, though. Soon!
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I am awake right now only because I dearly love [ profile] crazybone, whose birthday it is. And so I take him to the airport at ungodly hour. Seems a perfect time to use this icon.
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I want to find the perfect gift when I remember someone's birthday. Particularly someone close to me. And there are a lot of someones-close-to-me who have August/September birthdays.

Sadly, the things I am most likely looking at right now are things that I want. Poo. This economical way of life in order to have an extravagant bathroom? For the birds.
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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of home I want to have, to be a part of. This weekend went a long way to solidifying in my head what I like most about my home, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

We had [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] sinboy over for the weekend, essentially. They wanted to go to the beginning of the summer party ("Lefcon," as [ profile] ringel so aptly put it), and needed accomodations, and I love having a guest room that gets used from time to time. I love having folks in my own setting, where I'm comfortable, and making sure that they're comfortable too. I am either becoming a Jewish Mother, or a Homebody. Or both. :P

Socialization, home-building, and my brain. Yum. )

But mostly? I love my husband, I love my house, I love my housemates (including my imminent housemate [ profile] clara_girl), and I'm pretty fond of my life in general. I'm looking forward to improving the house, despite its impending doominess of construction dust, etc. In general, life is good. :)
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Just when you think you can't handle people because they're complicated, difficult, and unhelpful ... you get to take a ride on an LED-lit merry-go-round. Well, if you're me, and you're lucky, you do. It was made by [ profile] sensesurfer, with help from lots of Susboids, and it was fucking fabulous. I look forward to another ride next weekend. :)

Thank you so much, [ profile] lyonesse and [ profile] iabervon. That was just what I needed. :)
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Have I changed your life in some way? If so, how?

Yes, I am filing this under "self-indulgent." So sue me.
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me: *contented sigh*
[ profile] crazybone: *laugh*
me: *glower*
[ profile] crazybone: This is great, you can't even stay mad at me because you're so happy! It's a win-win!
me: *blush*
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Just thought you should know. :P

(I was talking with [ profile] quem98, and realized we didn't have a picture of her that I could use from my laptop. So she suggested I could make a stick figure. And ... well, here's the result ...!)
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[ profile] regyt, thank you so much for using the Underground Cashmere Transport to send me not one, but two scarves! I am going to be toasty warm on my walk to Harvard this morning. :)


Jan. 16th, 2007 11:36 am
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One of the lessons I've been learning recently is that I can either communicate what I want and need, or I can avoid having impact on others' decision-making. If I communicate my wants and needs, it will affect those around me in some way. Is it more important to me to have good communication and risk feeling responsible if someone else accomodates me in a way that has negative consequences for someone else? I hate feeling responsible for negative impact on others' lives. But I also think it's incredibly important to put out there what I want and what I need, in order to effectively manage expectations and hopes (mine and others'). Communication is just damn important.

So I feel partly responsible for possible negative impact on a third party.

But I think it's better than a lot of the alternatives.
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We had lunch with [ profile] desert_born and [ profile] gentlescholar today, and this poll is based somewhat on some of the discussion we had. You can often tell a good conversation I've been included on when I'm still pondering it hours later. :)

[Poll #894735]

I'm tempted to screen comments, too, but if you've got that much to say, maybe you want to have a conversation about it instead of a monologue? I'm torn. I think I'll leave unscreened, and those who want to make comments privately can email me.
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My friend and former photography teacher Jack Swedburg died of cancer recently. I found out this weekend, but in the hubbub of [ profile] ablock and [ profile] chanaleh's birthday party and our own dinner party for [ profile] cellio, I haven't really had time to mourn.

Until yesterday. I took my old manual Olympus into the camera shop to see if I could get any cash out of it, since I haven't used it in 4 years. (Turns out I will have better luck on ebay, for at least a couple hundred bucks.) While there, I showed them my uncle's old camera which apparently dates back to the 1930s. I fucking LOVE this camera. It has bellows that fold out as you pull out the lens, and you have to buy special film for it, and everything is so utterly manual on it that it's almost impossible for me to take a good picture. At least, that was true in the past. Apparently, Mr. Craig will help me find a manual. And so help me God, I will take pictures with this camera. In memory of Mr. Swedburg, and because it's cool, and because I fucking want to. I got film for it yesterday, and took my first shots with it today. Also took some shots *of* it, in order to make this entry's icon. Yep, that's my precious. Isn't he beautiful? I feel like I should name him something Russian, like Vlad, in honor of Mr. Swedburg.

Jack Swedburg was the only person I know who had a license plate in Russian. His NH plates read "TOMCK." He often flew over to Russia (at least five times in the past 10 years) to volunteer in orphanages and learn more of the language and take gorgeous pictures. He loved it. It was because of Jack that I took Russian in college (and Russian lit, with which I was much more successful).

This is also the man who went to every single play I was in during high school so that he could take the "action shots." He caught me once, mid-flight off stage, with a smile on my face. We all laughed about how my character should NOT have been grinning while being thrown. But that picture is one of the best from my entire high school career.

I sent Jack a package last week, not knowing he was dead. I wanted to say hi, and send him soap, and let him know I was thinking of him. Too bad it was too late -- I'm sure whoever manages his estate will be completely mystified by the delivery.

I loved this man. He was a kindred spirit, and even though we were miles away, we sent occasional emails and kept up on town gossip together. I will miss him.
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Spider Robinson wrote the Callahan's books, from whence come his famous quote, "Shared pain is lessened, shared joy increased." (Er, well, it's been a while since I've read the actual quote, but it reads something like that.)

Is it true? Does it make things "better" to share when you're in pain, or when you're joyful? Better for you, better for everyone, better for no one? I worry about bringing folks down when I'm sad and they're not, or making folks depressed if I'm happy and they're not.

And yet, the really important stuff is too important *not* to share, to me. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why folks wouldn't share what's going on with them, good or bad -- isn't that another way of blocking people out of your "real life?"

How am I feeling? I'm muddling along. I've had some real high points in the past couple of weeks, and some depressingly low points. I'm surviving both ends of the spectrum.


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