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As I've said before, I'm not a blood-and-guts kind of girl. I'm a bit squeamish. Sin City was too intense and graphic a movie for me, despite being cartoonish.

And Mira Grant (pseudonym of [ profile] seanan_mcguire) is writing one of my favorite series ever. About zombies, and life after the end of the world. I swear, this is the last thing I expected to happen when I cracked open that first book spine.

If Feed, the first title in this trilogy, was a first date, it was a roller coaster of action, adventure, tears, laughter, cynicism, and one heck of what I originally thought would be a one-night stand.

Deadline was preordered as soon as said one-night stand had concluded, because I was hungry -- no, desperate -- for more. It took forever to appear on my doorstep, but once the second book was in my hot little hands, I was swamped in the world of fights for one's life, the truth, and more zombies (and real character deaths) than I could safely count. This second date ravished me, and had me swooning to the music. I may have had an orgasm from some character developments. Just saying.

Feed is deservedly up for a Hugo this year. Deadline is no less worthy. I am scared about how much Blackout, once it's published, will rock my little world.

You should all read Mira Grant. This is the sort of infection we should spread.
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[ profile] hakamadare and I must go out for dinner, but afterwards, I will update with pictures of my B.O.S.S. (Boots of Sexy Stompiness). Srsly. My pirate costume is now nearly complete.
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As a corollary to this post (which is still going strong and deserves a second look from early viewers), perhaps we should hear about GOOD sex. It might be less funny, but also more of a challenge, to my mind. ;)

Hard to describe you,
Sexy man with brilliant smile,
Making love with me
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Describe the worst sex you've ever had. In haiku.

My entry?

Seven months waiting
One minute of "oh em gee"

Oh, and also:

Try to think this through.
You have a vagina, too!
Know how to work it?
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Adapted from my answer to a question elsewhere:

Labels are important. Words are powerful. Marriage is the word I want (and the word I use) for the legal binding of any person to another person. "Civil union" just doesn't have the ring of truth or progressiveness or equality. It's like saying "the blacks can have water fountains, so long as their water fountains aren't near our white water fountains." Separate but equal isn't really equal. Haven't we already learned that lesson?

(In terms of the upcoming primaries,) I think I might vote for a candidate who supported civil unions if they agreed with me on everything else. No one does agree with me on everything else, though, as far as I can tell. Perhaps someone who's a civil union supporter isn't idealistic enough for me. Even if it's not "practical" right now, I think it's important to stand up for what's assuredly the right thing to do. I believe that it's right to make marriage legal, and that involves acknowledging that those who wish to marry (or divorce, or remarry, or whatnot) *should* be able to do so, even if the current legislation doesn't allow it. That makes me an idealist, apparently.

Debate/discussion is welcome. (Flaming is not.)


Oct. 26th, 2007 04:12 pm
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[ profile] hatam_soferet pointed me to this one: Youtube Video of Condoms Dancing in India

Amazing. Also, probably not safe for work. But made of awesome.
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There's a remarkable thread going on in the Davis Square LJ comm. Hooters Haircuts for Men wants to open a franchise in Davis?!? The outcry is amazing, and the conversation is fascinating.

In the spirit of inquiry, I have a poll. Please only answer one of the following questions, whichever best fits your situation.

[Poll #1043726]

1 equals very uncomfortable.
10 equals very comfortable.
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Heh. The LJ mojo, as many have noted, is displaying an icky image and now revealing the data they collected in the surveys.

I never posted my results of this meme because I did it out of curiousity to see what the meme was and how it worked. And because I did it out of curiousity, I filled it out by checking off the *percentage* of my flist I've dated in the past, not the actual people (modulo the people I have dated who were able to be checked off), because, hey, my own husband's name wasn't on the list of check-off-able names! So, amusingly, the meme is now displaying the "dirty little secret" that I've dated people I haven't actually dated.

I'm sorry, but I amuse myself sometimes. ;)
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So, on the one hand, I spent most of the weekend (starting Friday morning) exhausted & still sick feeling. On the other hand, we interviewed [ profile] clara_girl for housemate potentialship, we had lots of yummy food from Grasshopper, we watched another season's-worth of Deep Space 9, and I finished the following sewing projects: a baby quilt, a present for [ profile] awfief, mending my shirt sleeves, a skirt, and lots of prep work for finishing our wedding quilt.

In general, the past month has had a lot of sewing in it. I've been patching my Mom's two huge quilts as a present for her birthday, and then I got *really motivated* and patched the queen-sized quilt I bought for myself when I was a junior in high school.

I f-ing love this quilt. I believe I bought it after breaking up with John B, my first ever lover, who I thought I was going to marry. I was, in fact, rather decided on marrying him. Him breaking up with me was quite the shocker. But this is the story of the quilt, not my sordid love life. Mostly. )

And, damn, I am really happy with the quilt. And with [ profile] hakamadare. Life is good. :)

Also? I swear, this song came from iTunes on random. iTunes is just that good.
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I assume [ profile] siderea has already seen this article, but all of you should read it (and remind me who originally linked to it?): The Romantic Life of Brainiacs, how educated, high-earning women are now more likely to get married and have successful marriages than their less-educated, poorer counterparts.

Reverse the Curse! :)


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