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Via [ profile] moominmolly, What's your superpower?

My response:
[ profile] hakamadare says I'm a supertaster. He may be right -- I've always wanted to get a test done. I can tell exactly when tea has gone tannic, often by smell instead of tasting it, and it drives me crazy to drink. I also can't stand anything with cilantro in it. This is annoying when someone uses a salad dressing with a small amount of cilantro, and I usually refuse it after a bite (unless it's made by someone I know and love, in which case I eat slooooowly and appreciate the thought).

I have crazy face/voice recognition. I'm pretty good with body language recognition, too. What I mean by that is that I can see an actor in one thing and recognize him in heavy makeup, ten years later, in something else. (The current example of this is recognizing Vezzini from The Princess Bride in Star Trek: DS9 as the Grand Nagus, a Ferengi.) In real life, last summer (or the year before?) I walked down the street of my hometown (which I left at age 13) and recognized people I went to church with as a child, called them by name, and had to tell them who I was and how I used to know them. They were *kids* when I knew them -- now they're in their 20s and look very different. But I still recognized them.

I swear, I should've been in the CIA or something, with that power.

I also make too much food. For any event. I invite people over, and even if I'm planning carefully, there will be enough leftovers for Steve and I to have lunch the next day or two, if not the next week. Luckily, I also have a tendency to get organic veggies for free or extremely cheap via farmers I know, and make them into huge dishes. So it's not too expensive to have this superpower. ;)
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