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The Brattle Theatre desperately needs money. They've set up a kickstarter campaign. They need another $8k, in the next 3 days, or they lose the $132k pledged.

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I went and calculated my/our carbon footprint.

(FYI, site doesn't work well in Safari, but Firefox was able to do it just fine.)

Our total carbon footprint seems to be 10.351 tons of CO2.

On the other hand, the site lists these stats:

*The average footprint for people in United States is 20.4 tonnes.
* The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes.
* The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes.
* To combat climate change the worldwide average needs to reduce to 2 tonnes.

So, I'm not doing so great, but I'm not doing too horribly, either. I look forward to the farm share starting up for the spring, so we can be almost entirely using local (nigh organic) produce again.
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There's a remarkable thread going on in the Davis Square LJ comm. Hooters Haircuts for Men wants to open a franchise in Davis?!? The outcry is amazing, and the conversation is fascinating.

In the spirit of inquiry, I have a poll. Please only answer one of the following questions, whichever best fits your situation.

[Poll #1043726]

1 equals very uncomfortable.
10 equals very comfortable.
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In doing a search for interesting podcasts, I searched for "energy" and came up with 60+ results. Anyone have a favorite that they're already listening to? :)
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Are you angry about the crappy Supreme Court decision this week to kick women's rights in the ass?

Me, too.

I went to Planned Parenthood for my 2nd HPV shot (which, btw, hurt far less than the first one because I relaxed my leg muscles). I gave them extra money. They need it, it's tax deductible, and I need them to continue to exist for me and women across the country.

So, if you can, give the nice people money. If you can't give them money, see if you have something else you can give them.

Above all, be good to women this week. For that matter, be good to men, too. Try to do that always, but particularly this week; I feel like we could all use the support.
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I assume [ profile] siderea has already seen this article, but all of you should read it (and remind me who originally linked to it?): The Romantic Life of Brainiacs, how educated, high-earning women are now more likely to get married and have successful marriages than their less-educated, poorer counterparts.

Reverse the Curse! :)
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We at House Chai have overthrown the tyrrany of the kosher grape. We now accept any grape product in the house, so long as it is not mixed with some other factor that makes it non-kosher. We will no longer be stocking kosher balsamic vinegar or kosher wine, so if these things are important to you and you still want to eat in our house, please bring them with you. If this makes you incapable of eating in our house, please say so. We will not change this decision for your sake, but it would be good to know, nonetheless.

Why? For many reasons. The fact that kosher wine was used in an insulting manner during our conversions (even by my rabbi!) plays a big part. The Conservative movement's official ruling regarding wine is that US-produced wine is assumed kosher unless found guilty. AB and his actions have their roles in this decision, as well. In general, our friend [ profile] cellio's standard seems sound and fair to us -- grape products will be contemplated further if we're ever offered homemade grape product produced by a pagan, which could conceivably have been used in sacrifice to other gods. Other than that and grape mixed with pork juice, we're fine.

(This has the added benefit of allowing any of our friends to bring wine to dinner without worrying about it, which was not the case previously. Never mind the fact that all the good wine isn't kosher.)

Other items from the outside allowed in our house: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, beverages that don't include bugs (red coloring is actually a problem in some drinks, yanno), and things made in a kosher kitchen (which includes food available in the grocery store that has a heksher on it). We are still figuring out where we stand on the cheese issue, and have taken to making cheese in the house whenever convenient. Kosher-certified cheese is not, generally speaking, very appetizing.

Things we are still quite firm about: only kosher meat shall be cooked in the kitchen or touch the dishes. Meat and dairy will still be entirely separate in our kitchen (despite the fact that we have two sets of glass dishware). When in doubt, having a heksher likely makes things acceptable for use. But when in doubt, please let us know so we can address it.
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In 2002, I wrote this bit of idealism, out of a conversation with [ profile] rosefox.

Yesterday, I saw An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore movie about saving the world before it's too late.

I'm going to start taking action. I'm also going to start blogging what I'm doing, as often as possible, to help make the world better (from my subjective point of view). I believe in leading by example, and voting with my feet. It's time to be an example about this.

Today I helped save the world by:
Taking public trans to Harvard instead of driving when I was late
Walking home instead of driving or taking public trans because I had the time to walk
Keeping the A/C on but not excessively so
Turning off the music when I left the house
Using reusable menstrual products
Changing my credit card statement to a paperless (online) system
Bartering massage for goods and services instead of dealing with the paper money system
Calling NSTAR to find out what options are available in my area for renewable energy resources (and, apparently, the person I should be talking with is unknown, but about 10 percent of NSTAR's energy sources are renewable)
Turning the temp on the hot water tank down a bit (whatever the "warm" setting is at, instead of "hot")
Continuing with the project of washing and rewatersealing our tent, instead of giving up and buying a new one
Using Ecover to clean up a spill

Small things, eh? Most of them are teeny. But I, personally, am making a difference. In the world. In others' lives.
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President of the Oglala Sioux pledges to start her own Planned Parenthood on her lands on the reservation, which the gov't can't control.

I called her office, offered my support, and asked for contact info to send donations. As soon as I get it, I'll post it. I'm a big believer in voting with my feet, lately. :)
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I want to help save the world. *WE* want to help save the world. Here are some thoughts on how to spread growth and harmony and introspectiveness. Rose and I had a really inspiring talk tonight. :) Here are some of my thoughts, based on that talk.

Yes, I'm an idealist and yet can be a realist when necessary. )


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