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Me: "This movie made me very conscious of forgetting my wedding ring after my client. When we get home, remind me to put it back on?"
[ profile] eldrad: "Does it go BAMF?"
[ profile] hakamadare: ...
Me: "Well, it doesn't go pew-pew-pew!"
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[ profile] hakamadare: In this household, we play BOTH kinds of music -- folk, and singer-songwriter!
(The room collapses in giggles.)
(Guest chokes on strawberry smoothie.)
[ profile] hakamadare: Awesome! I get to tell a funny joke, AND I get to resuscitate someone!
chaiya: (eating brains)
[ profile] hakamadare: Shall I show you the ways of the ancients?
[ profile] devoken: Oh, yes, please!
[ profile] hakamadare: We are going to make couscous using ... worm hole technology!
[ profile] devoken: (gasp!)
[ profile] hakamadare: Scorpius can't take it from my brain!

[ profile] rednikki, I thought of you in particular at that last bit. ;)
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me: My nose is cold!
[ profile] hakamadare: I could fix that for you.
(He leans in.)
me: Not by eating it!
[ profile] hakamadare: But that worked so well the last time.
me: ...
[ profile] hakamadare: You had a cute nose --
me: -- But you eated it?
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Me, to [ profile] devoken: You look like a brunette Jessica Rabbit!
[ profile] devoken: (shocked look)
Dylan: You could be that for Halloween!
Me: (look of "omg, that would be so awesome!")
[ profile] volantwish, to me: You look like an offended turtle!
[ profile] hakamadare: It's not her fault, she's just drawn that way?

This was really random, but funny.
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I wrote:
Bah. I checked the trash folder, and it was there. I just had no
memory of deleting it. :P

Sorry about that!

And [ profile] hakamadare responded:
sweetheart, do you know why i love you so much?

it is because when i research the issue and then use my arcane powers
to divine what most likely happened, you are willing to admit that you
might have made an error instead of beginning to rant about how my
system is busted. this can be a pleasant and unexpected surprise for
a sysadmin :)

i accept your apology, but i don't need it; you are welcome to ask me
any questions about how our email system (or how any other system i
maintain) works, and i will be happy to answer to the best of my
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me: Sweetheart, did you forget to ask Grasshopper not to put potato in my kale?
Steve: No, I ordered the version of kale without potato, according to the menu.
me: Huh. Well, there are potatoes in here. Perhaps no one is allergic to potato (and therefore they don't have to list it on the menu description)?
Steve: Perhaps it is the Grasshopper version of ham. Serafina* comes with a ham, and Grasshopper comes with potato.
me: In Grasshopper country, there is no ham --
both of us: There is only potato!

Serafina is a Texan we know from Pennsic. She feeds people. No, really. She says her period name translates to "comes with a ham."


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