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I admit, I've fallen behind on my biking, lately. Sniffling makes biking less fun, and cold and wet are enemies of mine. I don't mind being wet if I'm warm. But I mind being cold, rather a lot.

However, the bike ride in this morning was great. I biked in at an average of 13 mph, which is more than 1 mph higher than my normal commute to work clocks in at. I got up to 20 mph on some stretches of Mem Drive. That *never* happens, for me.

I suspect that's not too impressive for the "real" cyclists on my flist, but I distinctly remember the first time I biked in 7th gear. It was this spring. I now do the bulk of my biking in 7th (as I did this morning). I remember when I used to insist on walking up hills rather than biking, and then I graduated to biking up hills in 1st gear. This morning, I biked up those hills in 4th and 5th.

So. Go me! I'm not yet at 1000 miles, but I'm getting closer, and I'm definitely getting better at this. :)
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I'm at 594 miles, atm. [ profile] hakamadare and I biked out to the Arisia meeting at [ profile] paradoox and [ profile] smozz's house today, and then [ profile] palmwiz and [ profile] noeltheone joined us for the bike ride back.

It was significantly awesome. My birthday morning on Friday kinda sucked (another dental appointment, plus scheduling snafu, plus having my hair pulled out when an unfamiliar person styled it at the salon). Ever since then, though, my days have improved fairly well. Today was pretty awesome, in fact. I even got serenaded by a chorus of boys singing happy birthday to me over ice cream cake! I approve of ice cream cake. A lot. Thank you so much, [ profile] paradoox.

[ profile] palmwiz also started the heck out of me on the bike ride by asking if I wanted to go faster, and when I responded with a "yes" and tried pedaling faster, he was suddenly pushing me from my sacrum. It was thrilling, and really really speedy, but startling. I whooped a lot.

All in all, today was an excellent present. Despite having to run my first Arisia corporate meeting. ;)
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I posted it to facebook already, but I don't think I said it here. I've decided that my biking goal for the season is 1000 miles. :)
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I'm going to bike the Hub on Wheels event in the fall, as a member of the Arisia team. Proceeds for the event go to Technology Goes Home, which helps provide technology and skills training to Boston Public School kids.

Would anyone like to join me/us? :)

I realize it's on Erev Yom Kippur, but I figure it's a good way to start the new Jewish year and prepare myself for atonement. The biking starts out early in the morning, so there's plenty of time for getting home, showering, and stuffing oneself with food before the fasting begins.
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Biked home from the beginning of summer party tonight, got a little bit lost in Medford because I thought I missed a turn and didn't. Ended up turning a 7.5ish ride into 11 miles, 'cause I figured I'd run into something familiar-looking. And I did! :P

I have also discovered that I am getting better at this. Significantly better. After the longest ride I've done all week, I still easily mustered the energy to bike up the incline toward my house in 6th gear instead of 4th (my norm) or (horrors) 3rd (which used to be my default for everything, when I wasn't in 2nd or 1st).

For the first time tonight, I tried to switch the gears on the left-hand side. Usually, 7 gears are more than enough for me, but I really needed more traction tonight. I got up past 27 miles per hour, which has also never happened before. I just couldn't pedal fast enough to keep up with my speed. Unfortunately, I also couldn't remember how to shift the left-hand side properly to transition well, so I ended up keeping it in the middle gear (2nd of 3). But still, this is a definite sign of improvement! :)
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As of a few minutes ago. :)

Body Update

Jun. 4th, 2009 07:08 pm
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I biked about 20 miles today, and did 75 crunches each in the morning and evening. Biking is good for my soul, but crunches are good for my abs. ;)

I also weigh less today than I have in ... well, a long time. I am actually excited to be getting out my summer clothes.
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I hit 250 miles today on my bike, which I named Dulcinea. She finally feels like mine. :)

Also, my coworker thought I'd bought new jeans because I wore ones I hadn't been able to fit into for a few months. They're loose, even. Maybe I *will* wear a bikini this season ... for the first time in my life. :)
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I have biked 158 miles since April 6th. At 100 miles, [ profile] noeltheone gave me ice cream. At 150 miles, I treated myself to a cookie. What will happen at 200 miles? Something more exciting than a cookie, I hope.

What's frustrating me today is that I'm hovering at basically the same weight. I've definitely changed shape a little -- a dress I bought on ebay last year but wasn't able to zip now fits. A different dress is still too snug to go out in public in, but I've promised myself that I'll get there. It's not a problem, in theory, that the numbers on the scale have basically stayed the same. It's just frustrating, because karmically, I deserve to have lost more weight than this. :P

I know I'm building muscle, and my body is healthier than it was a month ago. I just wish I could see it more in the numbers.
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I biked 15 miles today. Since replacing the odometer on my bike, I have biked 75 miles. It has been less than a month, and I'm already more than halfway to where I was last year at month three.

I am damn proud of this.
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Went on a small 4.5 mile bike ride with [ profile] hakamadare to start the day. Averaged 11 mph. Just a small ride, but far easier course than I take to work, so the 11 mph was relaxing instead of hard work. :)
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I am *really* taken by Antje Duvekot's new album. Also, Amber Rubarth (and her band, the Paper Raincoats). Music is good. I listened to a lot of these three albums on my way to and from work today, during which time I ran into the Boston Marathon accidentally and had to bike around it.

My thighs are really getting tuned up. I biked 15 or so miles today, instead of the usual 10-12. :)
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I'm eating succotash chowder for lunch today. It's quite tasty, actually.

Also, I have been injected with bravery wrt biking. I told myself I'd bike at least to Nov 1st, and I almost didn't make it last week. It was really frikkin' cold! And wet! And icky out! But biking makes me happy, and right now, I'll take any de-stresser I can find. So I had a new seat and some splash guards installed on my bike on Friday, and I picked it up this morning. The seat is fabulous. The splash guards will be tested by the end of this week, as it's due to rain again soon. The part where they futzed with my shifting, though, and the gears sometimes spontaneously shift on me today ... well, I had a small accident this morning. Small. I'm fine, I am still biking home, etc. But I wanted hugs and sympathy as well as admiration for being brave, so I thought I'd post this anyway.

My bike odometer (which [ profile] hakamadare installed mid-August) currently says 182 miles. Considering I had previously used my bike for about 10 miles in the past 10 years, total, I'm really damn proud of myself.

And also, now I have a biking icon. I am still looking for volunteers to take a picture of me on my bike, but for now, this will do. :)


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