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I may or may not have worried that we'd run out of food. ;)

The obligatory food orgy is behind the cut! )
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My friend Joe Decker is having a drawing where the prize is a piece of his art! Take a look at his webpage, and email him with which of his pieces is your favorite. Mine is still the Icelandic rainbow piece that's at the top of our stairway, which most anyone who has been to our house has admired. :)
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Deviled eggs & challah to start.
Stuffed hubbard squash with homemade fruit compote.
Ginger-saffron carrot soup.
Baked asparagus with balsamic. (by [ profile] hotpoint)
Baked potatoes. (by [ profile] eldrad)
Roasted cauliflower with garlic and lemon juice.
Bagel-fruit-nut stuffing.
Saute'd greens with garlic. (by [ profile] metahacker and co.)
Morrocan carrots.
We're roasting 2 or 3 ducks on the rotisserie, plus a large turkey.

Finally, for dessert, we have PIES (by [ profile] olivetree): pumpkin coconut, pear butterscotch, blueberry with almond crumble, and pecan maple. And 5 kinds of sorbet made by [ profile] eldrad: lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and beet-ginger.

I know we're having tons of leftovers, but that's part of the plan. We're hosting a small "fancy leftovers" Shabbat dinner Friday night. My plan is to make some roasted vegetables if we run low on food. ;)
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[Poll #1568192]
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My friend Sheeri has just co-authored a very useful-looking book on MySQL called The MySQL Administrator's Bible. It is out as of today! Everybody cheer!

And those of you who are on my flist and geeky like this, please go ahead and order it! :)
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I just finished eating homemade lasagna that was not in any way cooked by me -- [ profile] omly and [ profile] yuggoth teamed together on it.

I'm hanging out with friends old and new, and my beloved husband, to see the end of the year through.

Our household has really gelled, recently, and I'm loving it. We have a HOME together. Seriously, this is all I have ever wished for and more. I LOVE this.

I have plans up the whazoo for the next few weeks, which may or may not be crazy (omg, Arisia!), but people still like me and want to spend time with me.

I have a reciprocal (I hope!) infatuation with my iPhone. For which I have made many custom ringtones out of my favorite folk music songs. And 80s songs. Because I can.

I reconnected with [ profile] zsquirrelboy and gave and received forgiveness this past week. That was really awesome.

And now I'm sitting in our awesome, huge-ass bathtub with multiple Lush products, while sipping tea and writing on my laptop. Soon I will go back and join people and be social.

But for now, I just wanted to recognize, out loud, that life, as they say, is damn good. Also, I may or may not have already started in on the celebratory booze. ;)
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I need to update about Falconridge. Heck, I still want to update about [ profile] naufiel and [ profile] mtolan's wedding.

But. We now interrupt this broadcast to announce that I am going to see Bruce Springsteen this weekend, live, thanks to some complimentary tickets donated to my employer (well, the employer who isn't me, directly). [ profile] hakamadare, [ profile] desert_born, and [ profile] noeltheone will be joining me. Unless they're ill behaved, in which case I'll scalp the tix for their face value of $77.50.



Sep. 9th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Wonderful [ profile] goldsquare gave me his boyhood dressers after all, so I have stopped scouring Craigslist. I was going to sand and refinish them today, but it's chilly and looking rain-like. We'll see. They are exactly what I was looking for, though, which makes me happy.

The house is still very much under construction. OMG. It will be an entirely new house by the time we're done. Y'all should come see it then. Not now. I should post pictures now, but don't have brain.

My inbox is back down to 900ish. This is awesome, and represents a bit of work. I know, I know, not done yet.

We do have a new housemate for the short-to-medium term, Kirsten. She's in her last semester at college. Seems to be going well so far, and that's saying something, given the stress the construction has added to our household.

[ profile] lightfixer might come over soon and finish setting up the music server. Then I might be able to upload all my new music from Falconridge and Campfire. I have so much good music to catch up on! Yay!

There was brunch this morning, sort of. It was nice, despite the construction dust factor. I think I hang out a lot with the Arisia geeks, lately. And I talk a lot about Arisia stuff. I swear, it's not my whole life. :P

I went to the Big Party yesterday. I swam, and hugged lots and lots and lots of people. Saw tons & tons of y'all. Then I left with [ profile] noeltheone to go see a drag king show in the evening. Which was also awesome. :)

Going backward, went to [ profile] naufiel and [ profile] mtolan's for Shabbat dinner Friday night. Fabulousness. We had some good geeking and some spectacular eating, and it was midnight before I realized it. Given how tiring my week was, that's saying a lot.

In general, I think I like being social again. I wish we could do it more at home, though. Soon!
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I am awake right now only because I dearly love [ profile] crazybone, whose birthday it is. And so I take him to the airport at ungodly hour. Seems a perfect time to use this icon.
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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of home I want to have, to be a part of. This weekend went a long way to solidifying in my head what I like most about my home, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

We had [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] sinboy over for the weekend, essentially. They wanted to go to the beginning of the summer party ("Lefcon," as [ profile] ringel so aptly put it), and needed accomodations, and I love having a guest room that gets used from time to time. I love having folks in my own setting, where I'm comfortable, and making sure that they're comfortable too. I am either becoming a Jewish Mother, or a Homebody. Or both. :P

Socialization, home-building, and my brain. Yum. )

But mostly? I love my husband, I love my house, I love my housemates (including my imminent housemate [ profile] clara_girl), and I'm pretty fond of my life in general. I'm looking forward to improving the house, despite its impending doominess of construction dust, etc. In general, life is good. :)
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Just when you think you can't handle people because they're complicated, difficult, and unhelpful ... you get to take a ride on an LED-lit merry-go-round. Well, if you're me, and you're lucky, you do. It was made by [ profile] sensesurfer, with help from lots of Susboids, and it was fucking fabulous. I look forward to another ride next weekend. :)

Thank you so much, [ profile] lyonesse and [ profile] iabervon. That was just what I needed. :)
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Heh. The LJ mojo, as many have noted, is displaying an icky image and now revealing the data they collected in the surveys.

I never posted my results of this meme because I did it out of curiousity to see what the meme was and how it worked. And because I did it out of curiousity, I filled it out by checking off the *percentage* of my flist I've dated in the past, not the actual people (modulo the people I have dated who were able to be checked off), because, hey, my own husband's name wasn't on the list of check-off-able names! So, amusingly, the meme is now displaying the "dirty little secret" that I've dated people I haven't actually dated.

I'm sorry, but I amuse myself sometimes. ;)
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My friend Marc made this really nifty, beautiful table, which he's talking about selling on DC Craigslist. It can go from being 4 squares, to 6 squares, to 9 squares large (40" each side to 40"x60" to 60" each side). I have no idea how he did it, but it took him a year, and he engineered it such that it could handle 200+ pounds of weight, too. He's an engineering genius, and I'm proud of him. If you're in the DC area and need a table, let him know!

Soon, Steve and I should head out to the film festival. :)
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I need to finish planting tomato seeds. We set a deadline of the first week of April, and we bought the extra seed trays, and the extra dirt, and it's just ... time. Time is of the essence.

Stayed up late last night. Late late late. Talked with [ profile] arib for a long time, and [ profile] torquemada, and got some killing done in KoL. [ profile] cthulhia and [ profile] hakamadare, thanks for the heads-up on pickles. :)

I'm also working on a few other odds and ends. I need to make more soap again soon, some non-clove-cinnamon flavored. Maybe try some of the new essential oils. [ profile] goddessfarmer made me think about that again last night at [ profile] awfief's fun-fun-silly-fun party. Want to see if I can get together some soap to barter for homemade whole wheat. Whole wheat! But only after Pesach.

We're becoming such earthy-crunchy hippies. The farm share starts up again soon -- I can smell the plants growing outside. Yay, veggies!

Put in our reservations for Pesach seder (second night) at Tremont Street. That just leaves the first night to figure out -- do we have a small seder at home, or try to be someone else's orphans? Thoughts from the peanut gallery? I'd like to have a small seder-like-thing regardless, but it might be nice to have it not on a yontif, just for fun. Less pressure. I dunno. The nonconformist in me may be showing. ;)
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We had a good time yesterday! I made some food. Stuffed squash tsimmis and squash-fennel tsimmis, apple honey cake, homemade applesauce, and lavendar rice pudding. (Lavendar rice pudding is my new favorite recipe, btw.) [ profile] novalis made ice cream. Oh, God, he made ice cream! If I weren't sick of ice cream products, I would've kept some. I bought my ice cream at JP Licks and Toscanini's.

And then, the challenge that was issued long ago in a livejournal poll, the milkshake shakedown contest, it commenced. Whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? )

After all of the excitement, we also went out to another showing of Serenity. It still makes me gasp and cry, even the third time around. Joss Whedon is a very powerful man. I wonder what his milkshake tastes like ...?

I apologize to all of you that we couldn't invite to the milkshake shakedown. We wanted to keep the group small, 10-15 people, and with two organizers, that really didn't give us a lot of invites. Never fear, however. There will be another one. :)


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