RIP Grampa

May. 5th, 2013 12:25 am
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Of all the journal entries I have been writing in my head recently, this wasn't one.

My Grampa spent this past week in the ICU with a systemic infection and sepsis. He passed away tonight, never having regained consciousness. I got to spend time with him this afternoon, alongside [ profile] hakamadare, [ profile] eldrad, as well as my Mom, step-grandmother Pat, and aunt Sandy. I didn't get to say good-bye, per se -- I thought I would get to do that after dinner, or perhaps tomorrow night. But I did see him, and his passing is definitely better than his staying would have been.

My favorite photo of Grampa is the one that comes up when he calls my cell -- he's wearing a bright red crab-shaped hat, and is menacing the camera with his fingers outstretched, grinning maniacally.

It was very rare to see him do anything other than smile.

He used to read aloud to me from Peanuts comic strips when I was a kid. He would do the voices. His voice for Lucy was particularly hilarious.

He went from being a staunch Republican (voted for Bushes!) to a staunch Obama supporter.

He was married to my Gram until her death in 1999(ish?), and he remarried in 2002(ish?) to a spitfire woman named Pat.

Grampa believed strongly in family loyalty. He did his utmost to provide for 5 kids, 15 grandkids, and 4 (I think) great-grandkids.

He continually told me, growing up, that he would live to be 100. He actually lived to be 90.5. The last time he went to the gym (3x/week!) was about a week ago.

Grampa was an engineer who tinkered. He loved fixing things. He loved jokes.

And now he's gone.

There are many hardest parts, but one such was convincing Pat to take her meds tonight before sleeping. Oh, my heart.


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