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I have not, recently, made many posts in my LJ, and some of this post involves information that I have never publicly shared before. So this is a challenging step for me, but it might be needed, and I want to do what is needed, if possible, if I can.

Readercon has been at the epicenter of a discussion about harassment and safe space in fandom, this past week. As the chair of this past Readercon, I can't be unbiased. I can't speak for Readercon as a whole, but I do have thoughts I would like to share publicly at this time (now that I'm back from my annual camping trip, which unfortunately coincided with a lot of the discussion I now feel the need to respond to).

I value safe spaces, and I am confident that this is a priority for Readercon people, as well. Many Readercon staffers are the same people who've been deeply involved supporters of the Backup Project. We recognize that the board's decision with regard to Ms. Valentine's complaint of harassment was made in haste, as was the original policy with regard to harassment at Readercon. In order to not compound errors further, we as the Readercon convention committee will be reexamining both with lots of thought and care.

That will, unfortunately, take time. We apologize for that, and for those who want a final decision sooner, but we are not able to do this both well and quickly. The makeup of the Readercon board is in transition, which does not in any way speed this process up.

Please have patience with us while we sort through this.

In the meantime, if it is possible, please try to add positively to this discussion. Think about ways that we can all support women PEOPLE coming forward with their concerns, in this community and the wider community. Be cognizant that the people trying to make Readercon happen were overworked and unpaid volunteers *before* these events, and are now even more overloaded with even fewer resources to spare.

Above all, please try to treat each other with respect and dignity. The amount of email I personally have received about this is astounding. The high percentage of emails that are pointedly hurtful and fall into name-calling is quite depressing. The calls to action have been furious and had no response from me before now (and many unfortunately will have to continue to wait for responses) because I was actually unable to respond before now. Not that most people realized this, but I was on a camping trip, away from internet and cell service for most of the past week.

I was not involved in the Readercon board's decision concerning this matter, but I did chair this past Readercon and was asked to chair the next one. I am personally invested, as a survivor of harassment, abuse, and rape, in having Readercon be a safe space. Please do not think I am impartial or uninvolved in the large-scope discussion we are having. Please allow us to take the time to have it.

Edited to add: Due to trying to make progress on addressing this situation, as well as coming back to my normally-60-hours-a-week job after camping vacation, I do not have nearly the time I'd like to respond to comments. They will all be read, and I will do my best to participate in this discussion, too, but I want to explain why I'm less available than I wish I could be.
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I posted it to facebook already, but I don't think I said it here. I've decided that my biking goal for the season is 1000 miles. :)
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Biked home from the beginning of summer party tonight, got a little bit lost in Medford because I thought I missed a turn and didn't. Ended up turning a 7.5ish ride into 11 miles, 'cause I figured I'd run into something familiar-looking. And I did! :P

I have also discovered that I am getting better at this. Significantly better. After the longest ride I've done all week, I still easily mustered the energy to bike up the incline toward my house in 6th gear instead of 4th (my norm) or (horrors) 3rd (which used to be my default for everything, when I wasn't in 2nd or 1st).

For the first time tonight, I tried to switch the gears on the left-hand side. Usually, 7 gears are more than enough for me, but I really needed more traction tonight. I got up past 27 miles per hour, which has also never happened before. I just couldn't pedal fast enough to keep up with my speed. Unfortunately, I also couldn't remember how to shift the left-hand side properly to transition well, so I ended up keeping it in the middle gear (2nd of 3). But still, this is a definite sign of improvement! :)
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As of a few minutes ago. :)

Body Update

Jun. 4th, 2009 07:08 pm
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I biked about 20 miles today, and did 75 crunches each in the morning and evening. Biking is good for my soul, but crunches are good for my abs. ;)

I also weigh less today than I have in ... well, a long time. I am actually excited to be getting out my summer clothes.
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I hit 250 miles today on my bike, which I named Dulcinea. She finally feels like mine. :)

Also, my coworker thought I'd bought new jeans because I wore ones I hadn't been able to fit into for a few months. They're loose, even. Maybe I *will* wear a bikini this season ... for the first time in my life. :)
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I have biked 158 miles since April 6th. At 100 miles, [ profile] noeltheone gave me ice cream. At 150 miles, I treated myself to a cookie. What will happen at 200 miles? Something more exciting than a cookie, I hope.

What's frustrating me today is that I'm hovering at basically the same weight. I've definitely changed shape a little -- a dress I bought on ebay last year but wasn't able to zip now fits. A different dress is still too snug to go out in public in, but I've promised myself that I'll get there. It's not a problem, in theory, that the numbers on the scale have basically stayed the same. It's just frustrating, because karmically, I deserve to have lost more weight than this. :P

I know I'm building muscle, and my body is healthier than it was a month ago. I just wish I could see it more in the numbers.
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Sliced open my left hand last night. after stitches & a bad rxn to the pain meds, i will be a while recovering. If you need me, please call. Typing is painful & stuff. No work for a few days, no massage for 2ish weeks.

On the other hand, will watch lots of tv & am amusing when drugged.
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For the past few weeks, I have made it to the gym two to three times a week, despite a lack of gym buddies. I am getting to the point where feeling stretchy and achy is a positive thing, and I look forward to my next gym day. Watch out, world! ;)

Arm Update

Feb. 20th, 2008 04:40 pm
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My arm is much better today. (I'm using the shift key!)

Slight blister description, cut just in case you're really really squeamish and can't handle it. But it's mild. )

Mostly, I'm cursing my dumb luck (or lack thereof) for the past week or two. :P


Jan. 20th, 2008 09:51 am
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Thursday night, slept 7 hours.
Friday night, slept 5 hours.
Last night, slept 3.5 hours.

This is going to be problematical.

But I'm having a great time!
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The statement was recently made to me that "People prefer being right to being happy." Do you agree or disagree in general? Do you personally prefer to be right or happy?

A poll, therefore. I will discuss my thoughts in comments, so as to create less bias in the sample. Yes, I know it's not well-designed. But I'm not a scientist right now, I'm just curious.

[Poll #1064844]
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Apparently, I'm very immature. I took this quiz to tell me so.

Real Age: 17.3
Average Life Expectancy: 74
My Life Expectancy: 84.7

I lost points on having a reasonable amount of stress in my life, but the way I take care of myself is apparently good. Being happily married helps, too. :)
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It turns out that spending the 4th of July watching a West Wing marathon is not only patriotic, it's educational. Also, I'm feeling better. :)
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So, on the one hand, I spent most of the weekend (starting Friday morning) exhausted & still sick feeling. On the other hand, we interviewed [ profile] clara_girl for housemate potentialship, we had lots of yummy food from Grasshopper, we watched another season's-worth of Deep Space 9, and I finished the following sewing projects: a baby quilt, a present for [ profile] awfief, mending my shirt sleeves, a skirt, and lots of prep work for finishing our wedding quilt.

In general, the past month has had a lot of sewing in it. I've been patching my Mom's two huge quilts as a present for her birthday, and then I got *really motivated* and patched the queen-sized quilt I bought for myself when I was a junior in high school.

I f-ing love this quilt. I believe I bought it after breaking up with John B, my first ever lover, who I thought I was going to marry. I was, in fact, rather decided on marrying him. Him breaking up with me was quite the shocker. But this is the story of the quilt, not my sordid love life. Mostly. )

And, damn, I am really happy with the quilt. And with [ profile] hakamadare. Life is good. :)

Also? I swear, this song came from iTunes on random. iTunes is just that good.
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I got home from the event yesterday at about 6 pm, and thought I'd just take a nap before going to the cast party/postrevel.

I utterly failed to wake up for my alarm at 8 pm. Instead, I woke up at 6 am. And then I thought to myself, hey, I could sleep some more, since I've likely missed the party. So I went back to sleep until 10:30 this morning.

But hey, I think I'm no longer sleep depped from getting 2.5 hours Friday night! :)
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My doctor left voicemail while Steve and I were watching Deep Space 9 (thanks a billion again, [ profile] torquemada!). My CBC is totally normal (as is my TSH, yay). I do not have the norovirus. I do not have any virus. I had good old-fashioned tummy upsetness. And I'm fine now.

Yay for being fine! :)

As a side note, this is apparently the only way they can ascertain if someone has the norovirus (and would therefore be a risk for spreading it). CBC to check elevated white blood cells. So if you think you might have it and want to see if you're still contagious before going out into the world again, ask your doctor about this option? I'd appreciate it, at least -- I don't want to get it! :P
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Small secret: I am somewhat afraid of needles. More than somewhat afraid, perhaps.

This did not stop me, however, from donating blood on a semi-sporadic basis. And it certainly didn't stop me from getting the first of my HPV vaccine shots this morning at Planned Parenthood in Davis.

Go me!
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"There's a bomb in the bed and it goes off when it gets wet! Pleasant dreams, little girl, pleasant dreams ..."

I'm going in for my sleep study tonight (pretty soon now, actually). Maybe they'll figure out why I have trouble staying asleep! That would rock.

But I can't help giggling when I think of the Eric Schwartz children's lullabies. Hopefully I won't be unable to sleep due to giggle fits. ;)
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When I am sick, I am likely to become grouchy. When I am grouchy, I am likely to become irritable. When I am irritable, I am likely to become crabby. When I am crabby, I am likely to become easily frustrated. When I am easily frustrated, I am likely to completely blow my stack and get *angry.*

So, best not to say emotionally-laden things to me when I'm sick. I might progress further along the continuum. Bleah.

Not to say that I have, today. Mostly, I have chatted with my mom (who is settling in just fine in B'more), completed more of my kidney pre-testing, and made myself saute'd tomatoes-and-eggplant-and-garlic-and-basil-with-balsamic-vinegar. Which was all to the good. And I'm on my fourth X-wing Star Wars novel this week. Which is possibly silly of me, but they entertain well enough. :)


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