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The Brattle Theatre desperately needs money. They've set up a kickstarter campaign. They need another $8k, in the next 3 days, or they lose the $132k pledged.

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This discussion of privilege made me think.

Also, it took me entirely too long to get to reading it.
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When you need a laugh, Improv Everywhere is there to cheer you up. With silliness. It's awesome.
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My friend Joe Decker is having a drawing where the prize is a piece of his art! Take a look at his webpage, and email him with which of his pieces is your favorite. Mine is still the Icelandic rainbow piece that's at the top of our stairway, which most anyone who has been to our house has admired. :)
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8 Miles Wide. Seriously, turn the volume way up, but not at work!
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I've filled out the SCA census. Have you?
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This totally made my morning. :)

I need to write about FRFF, but no time. Later!
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I am utterly charmed by the options under "how I heard about Josh" when joining his newsletter. Yes, I know I should've discovered this ages ago, but I'm charmed now, and wanted to share.

I selected "Wanted Poster." ;)
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The comments in the Somerville blog are always priceless ...
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The world (according to Google) apparently thinks that "cheery" is primarily associated with cherries and flowers. I suppose it's true that both cherries and flowers make me feel cheery. Okay, Google, fair enough.

To amuse myself, I sometimes google images of an adjective or abstract thing. This is today's, in an attempt to cheer people up. I share because I care. ;)

(Astonishingly enough, "cheer" finds a bunch of cheerleaders, including some that aren't so safe for work.)
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I'm in love with the Pomplamoose cover of the "Single Ladies" song by Beyonce, which I originally heard via Rubyfruit Radio.

However, this mashup of wrongness with Andy Griffith is so much more wrong ... that I have to share it with you all.
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The solar decathlon, which I read about via the White House Blog, looks awesome. Go, government dollars! ;)

Also, new user icon from the family trip to the JFK Library earlier this summer.
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For those of you who need a good dose of silliness today, Improv Everywhere had a great day for Walking Invisible Dogs. I love this troupe. :)
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I forget who linked to this on my flist, but it really touched me: Eve Ensler.
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This website is blasphemously humorous. I forget who pointed it out to me, but it is amazing.

Also, [ profile] hakamadare appears to have fixed the email troubles, at least for now. My email from the past few days will take the next few days to come in, but hopefully I should be getting it.
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This flow chart explanation of Total Eclipse of the Heart totally makes my day. Thanks, [ profile] kmelion!
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I'm reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, and you should be, too. :)
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This may very well be the most awesome resume I've ever read. Link via [ profile] regyt, I think.
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This amuses me. Paul & Storm are awesome. :)


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