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me to [ profile] yuggoth: So if there's an emergency, run into [ profile] crazybone's bedroom, wake him up, and jump out the window!

(We were planning for fire contingencies. The emergency, retracting fire escape ladders have been ordered, one for each bedroom, but they won't arrive for a week.)
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I am awake right now only because I dearly love [ profile] crazybone, whose birthday it is. And so I take him to the airport at ungodly hour. Seems a perfect time to use this icon.
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Via [ profile] bbbsg, from the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. Schmoop about a friend, past or present.

[ profile] desert_born has quietly and sneaky-like become one of my best friends. We spend a lot of time encouraging and supporting each other, whether it's at the gym or avoiding the gym, talking about housing decisions or, frankly, gossipping about our lives and those whose lives touch ours. She's always been really easy-going and understanding about whatever changes I'm making in my life, which I'm particularly grateful for because I've been making a number of changes lately. Also, I love that we've been through an actual friends-fight that had me all wrought up and tension-ful, years ago, and yet we both made the conscious choice that our friendship was more important than our Principles on the issue. We've recovered from that fight so well that I don't actually remember what the resolution was, whether we went with her way or mine. And that suits me just fine. :)

2. Schmoop about a family member.

I don't talk about my Mom often enough. I joke about how she's grateful that I "rediscovered monotheism and married a man!" But the truth is much more complicated. We don't agree on a lot of things, particularly with how to live our lives and find happiness. I think she still, secretly, hopes I'll go back to Jesus someday. But we do really love each other, and again, we make the conscious decision that our relationship is more important than winning an argument on Principles. So we've developed a really great friendship, and that makes me really happy.

3. Schmoop about a room- or housemate, past, present, or fantasy (if you've never had one).

When [ profile] crazybone moved in, I didn't know what to think. Here was some guy I'd known for years but never known well, who was moving in with us after living for years with his mother. How badly that could go! But he's always been the height of consideration, he hardly ever burns his cooking anymore (in fact, I probably burn things more often than he does, lately). And he's become a good friend, one who knows me well enough to say, hey, are you okay? and to hug me when the answer is, no, not really. Plus he bugs me to get the utility bills totalled so he can give me money -- how great is that? ;)

4. Schmoop about a lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/whatever-you-call-it, past, present, or fantasy (if you've never had one).

[ profile] hakamadare has ridden out many a storm with me, despite his fear of troubled waters. He has become my harbor, but only up until the point where I need to go out there and ride the waves again. He has ... well, this metaphor can be beaten to death, but the point is that he's always there to be what I need, to support me and love me and make my life a better experience. I don't know what I'd do without him. We adventure together, Steve and I, and there's no one else I'd rather go on expotitions with.

5. Schmoop about yourself.

I've done a lot of thinking and processing and growing, and I think that's the best thing there is to make progress on.

6. Schmoop about The altfriday5 Questioner. (No, just kidding. Mostly.)

I have no idea who writes these things. :P
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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of home I want to have, to be a part of. This weekend went a long way to solidifying in my head what I like most about my home, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

We had [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] sinboy over for the weekend, essentially. They wanted to go to the beginning of the summer party ("Lefcon," as [ profile] ringel so aptly put it), and needed accomodations, and I love having a guest room that gets used from time to time. I love having folks in my own setting, where I'm comfortable, and making sure that they're comfortable too. I am either becoming a Jewish Mother, or a Homebody. Or both. :P

Socialization, home-building, and my brain. Yum. )

But mostly? I love my husband, I love my house, I love my housemates (including my imminent housemate [ profile] clara_girl), and I'm pretty fond of my life in general. I'm looking forward to improving the house, despite its impending doominess of construction dust, etc. In general, life is good. :)
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me: I want to be [ profile] juldea for a day, and serve her jury duty!
[ profile] hakamadare: The state tends to frown on that sort of thing.
me: But I'm really cuuuuute!
[ profile] crazybone: Strangely, I don't think they take that into consideration.
[ profile] hakamadare: Truly, this is evidence that our justice system is broken.


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