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We ([ profile] devoken, [ profile] volantwish, [ profile] indecisionrocks, [ profile] hakamadare, and I) just finished watching High Fidelity. Bob Dylan's "Most of the Time" is in that soundtrack. And I swear, somewhere, I had a cover of that song in a woman's voice. Maybe Ani Difranco. Someone who sang it far better than Bob did. :P

Google says it happened, but it's not showing up in my iTunes. Oh, the humanity! I *really* need to get back to my music server project, and upload the other half of my music.
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I'm in love with the Pomplamoose cover of the "Single Ladies" song by Beyonce, which I originally heard via Rubyfruit Radio.

However, this mashup of wrongness with Andy Griffith is so much more wrong ... that I have to share it with you all.
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We got rained out of her main stage performance for the second year in a row. So they've set up sound in the staff tent, and she's playing the roof down. Omg. (But the tent will stay up this year -- no tornado, just a thunderstorm.)
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I am *really* taken by Antje Duvekot's new album. Also, Amber Rubarth (and her band, the Paper Raincoats). Music is good. I listened to a lot of these three albums on my way to and from work today, during which time I ran into the Boston Marathon accidentally and had to bike around it.

My thighs are really getting tuned up. I biked 15 or so miles today, instead of the usual 10-12. :)
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Okay, the totally adorable cellist (Julia) was impossibly adorable. Making an audience member who was a classical pianist get up on stage and play ("with six glasses of wine under my belt!") Chopin's minute waltz was fabulous. Singing her songs and doing her banter was the usual high-quality entertainment. But the most impressively entertaining and fabulous moment of the show had to be the "modern classical ode to marshmallow peeps" that was inspired by audience members who had also been at last weekend's Girlyman show.

For. The. Win.

I *so* needed this. :)
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I need to update about Falconridge. Heck, I still want to update about [ profile] naufiel and [ profile] mtolan's wedding.

But. We now interrupt this broadcast to announce that I am going to see Bruce Springsteen this weekend, live, thanks to some complimentary tickets donated to my employer (well, the employer who isn't me, directly). [ profile] hakamadare, [ profile] desert_born, and [ profile] noeltheone will be joining me. Unless they're ill behaved, in which case I'll scalp the tix for their face value of $77.50.

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Club Passim is nearing the end of their window for matching funds on their donation drive. If you've been thinking about joining and/or making a donation for a while, please do so in the next week! The matching funds are only available until July 2nd, apparently, and they don't get the matching funds unless they collect the first $20K themselves. Passim could really use the money! There's not a lot of money to be had when operating a folk venue with lots of new artist performers, particularly when the economy is going down the tubes. :(
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This amuses me. Paul & Storm are awesome. :)
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This icon is me at Falconridge this past year. You can't see it, but further up in the picture is my friend Karen holding a sign over my head and pointing down at me. Her sign reads WRONG WAY.

I really love Falconridge. I can't wait for this year's festival! :)

(Also, I have been carrying around a "Falconridge dollar" for a couple of years now in my wallet. It's time to trade it in for a newly-minted piece of paper. Mine is getting ratty. It's a great comfort, though -- feels like I'm carrying around a piece of the festival all year long.)
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I've accomplished things today. And had some fun. And handed around some good cheer. Time to go see Vance Gilbert at Passim as my reward. :)


Oct. 26th, 2007 04:12 pm
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[ profile] hatam_soferet pointed me to this one: Youtube Video of Condoms Dancing in India

Amazing. Also, probably not safe for work. But made of awesome.
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I'm posting [ profile] hope_persists's version, since she and I have the most concerts in common so far.

Here is how it works. Copy this list. Leave in the bands you've seen perform live. Delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25 50. Sorry, folks, I really did try to limit it. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list. It's about music, so you know it got a little lengthy. )

Bonus Round! People I want to see live but haven't yet:
Patty Griffin, Patty Larkin, Abi Tapia, The Weepies, The Clumsy Lovers (coming up in Allston this week!), Abra Moore (because that one time I saw her she had a really rough night, so I don't count it), The Kimberly Trip, Sean Altman, Alix Olson, Sting, The Police, Shawn Colvin, The Decemberists, Counting Crows, Billy Joel, Holly Figueroa, Dave Matthews Band, The Sundays, Stuart Davis, Liquid Pie, They Might Be Giants, Aimee Mann, Pony Up!, The Ditty Bops, The Duhks, Jill Sobule, Eliza Gilkyson, Equation, Adam Sweeney, Davy Jones (of the Monkees), Melanie Doane, Bruce Springsteen.

People I'm going to see in concert in the next week or so:
Edie Carey/Ellis/Anne Heaton/Elana Arian tonight at Passim
Arrogant Worms tomorrow night
Clumsy Lovers Tuesday
Haleli possibly Wednesday
Anne Heaton next week

I take in a lot of music, eh? :) I think it's compensation for how little I can entertain folks at home right now.


Sep. 9th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Wonderful [ profile] goldsquare gave me his boyhood dressers after all, so I have stopped scouring Craigslist. I was going to sand and refinish them today, but it's chilly and looking rain-like. We'll see. They are exactly what I was looking for, though, which makes me happy.

The house is still very much under construction. OMG. It will be an entirely new house by the time we're done. Y'all should come see it then. Not now. I should post pictures now, but don't have brain.

My inbox is back down to 900ish. This is awesome, and represents a bit of work. I know, I know, not done yet.

We do have a new housemate for the short-to-medium term, Kirsten. She's in her last semester at college. Seems to be going well so far, and that's saying something, given the stress the construction has added to our household.

[ profile] lightfixer might come over soon and finish setting up the music server. Then I might be able to upload all my new music from Falconridge and Campfire. I have so much good music to catch up on! Yay!

There was brunch this morning, sort of. It was nice, despite the construction dust factor. I think I hang out a lot with the Arisia geeks, lately. And I talk a lot about Arisia stuff. I swear, it's not my whole life. :P

I went to the Big Party yesterday. I swam, and hugged lots and lots and lots of people. Saw tons & tons of y'all. Then I left with [ profile] noeltheone to go see a drag king show in the evening. Which was also awesome. :)

Going backward, went to [ profile] naufiel and [ profile] mtolan's for Shabbat dinner Friday night. Fabulousness. We had some good geeking and some spectacular eating, and it was midnight before I realized it. Given how tiring my week was, that's saying a lot.

In general, I think I like being social again. I wish we could do it more at home, though. Soon!
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Members of the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet (or just fans) should take a look at Anthony da Costa's song "Poor Poor Pluto." I'm trying to convince him to make a version available for download. ;)
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I'll admit it -- I hadn't seen Teddy Goldstein perform in a long time, probably not since Live From New York stopped touring together. I've corresponded with him, and kept track of where he's been, but the timing was always off to go to his shows, and he was the least highly ranked of the LFNY folks in my priorities.

Teddy Goldstein put together a really fun, funny, good show tonight. He sang a lot of my old favorites, and a lot of new songs with promise, and he threaded it all together with sarcasm and wit and love. Plus his last encore song had Anne Heaton on harmonies, which warmed the cockles of my heart.

I have a soft spot for LFNY members. Good to see it's for a good reason. :) Any chance any of y'all have to see Teddy, or Anne, or Edie Carey, or Andrew Kerr -- just do it. You'll thank me later.

Hush, [ profile] hakamadare. We do not speak of that traitor, Sam Shaber, who callously left LFNY.
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There was this CD I wanted, which CD baby used to carry, but now I can't find it, and I can't remember who the artist was. It was a woman, I think she went by her first name only, and she sang Jewish (or possibly Kabbalah) yoga chants.

Grah. Ring a bell for anyone? Is your google fu stronger than mine?
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I am being a consumer again, and buying some folk music, some massage music, and some happy-making music. I browsed extensively through the $5 apiece listings, and found a lot that I liked.

Yay, music! The list, for them what's interested. Yes, Jess, I bought Lindsay Mac. :) )
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I'm going. [ profile] hakamadare is going. Even [ profile] noeltheone is going! Don't you want to go, too?

If you do, [ profile] liamstliam has an extra ticket. And he bought his way before we bought ours, so it's likely better than what I got. Cost around $40 with the fees, and the show is worth *far* more than that. Join us! Email bill at goonbox dot com now! :)

Also? Despite not going to the chumetzfest last night, I am so, so happy to have chumetz back. I am eating *cheesecake* for lunch, dammit!


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