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[ profile] mzrowan posted a similar poll a while ago. I'm curious about how you folks will respond.

[Poll #1427415]

Comments for discussion. I was tempted to give a "say what you gotta say" text entry question, a la [ profile] lyonesse, but nobody but me would be able to read it through the poll because I want folks to have anonymity in the other questions. If you feel that private about your comment, feel free to email it to me instead. :)
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We have new shelving up in the front hallway of our house, and can put up a bit more. We have the ability to put sections of our library on said shelves. Which sections should be there, in the most accessible part of the house?

(Note that the cookbooks are not an option in this poll; they will go in the kitchen or as close as possible, since that's just where they make sense. It's also unlikely that the fiction or Children's sections will be moved to the downstairs, just given our household's layout. And of course, my anatomy and massage-related books stay up in the guest room, where I have my practice space.)

[ profile] regyt, I have no idea of this poll will help you or not. But thank you for inspiring me to write it! :)

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[Poll #1301520]

As always, feel free to elaborate in comments, but in the poll, you have to make a choice.
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Or at least somewhat philosophical.

[Poll #1234757]

If the friend relevant to question 1 responds in the affirmative, I'll let them know privately about it. If not, I won't. I often dream about people on my flist or in my social circle, but this time was particularly striking. As far as I know, this isn't someone who is currently pregnant or trying to become so.

I guess I am fascinated by dreams, in general.
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The statement was recently made to me that "People prefer being right to being happy." Do you agree or disagree in general? Do you personally prefer to be right or happy?

A poll, therefore. I will discuss my thoughts in comments, so as to create less bias in the sample. Yes, I know it's not well-designed. But I'm not a scientist right now, I'm just curious.

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There's a remarkable thread going on in the Davis Square LJ comm. Hooters Haircuts for Men wants to open a franchise in Davis?!? The outcry is amazing, and the conversation is fascinating.

In the spirit of inquiry, I have a poll. Please only answer one of the following questions, whichever best fits your situation.

[Poll #1043726]

1 equals very uncomfortable.
10 equals very comfortable.
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Have you filled out polls recently? I'm still open to answers on all my polls (the recent ones of which can be found on my "poll" tag).

In particular, I'm still seeking responses on my soap flavor/scent/ingredient poll, and the [ profile] pheromone-inspired unpopular uhpinions poll.

Just remindin' ya.

If you celebrate it, merry Christmas. Or, if you prefer, happy Take-Out and a Movie Day. ;)
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We had lunch with [ profile] desert_born and [ profile] gentlescholar today, and this poll is based somewhat on some of the discussion we had. You can often tell a good conversation I've been included on when I'm still pondering it hours later. :)

[Poll #894735]

I'm tempted to screen comments, too, but if you've got that much to say, maybe you want to have a conversation about it instead of a monologue? I'm torn. I think I'll leave unscreened, and those who want to make comments privately can email me.


Dec. 15th, 2006 02:02 pm
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Soup currently has:
saute'd onions
apple cider vinegar
celeriac root
more garlic
garam masala (teensy bit)
vegetable broth

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[ profile] pheromone posted about this recently, and I really liked the idea. Plus I think a bunch of my friends are not in overlap with her friends, so maybe there are new unpopular uhpinions I haven't heard yet! I certainly hold some unpopular ones. What are yours?

[Poll #873577]

(Comments are screened, in case you are so uhpinionated that you need even more space.)

(Note: My thought is that, if enough folks fill it out, I might post an f-locked anonymized summary of the results, so that, as happened in [ profile] pheromone's journal, folks might realize that they're not alone. Or not, depending.)
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I need a picture of me drinking tea, so I can make it into an icon. *sigh* My life is so difficult. Since I don't have one of those (yet), I shall use my new Purple Carrots (cooking/medieval oddities) Icon. :)

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[Poll #788577]
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[Poll #743772]

Edit: Or you can write your own favorite sentence about becoming a doctor in the comments...
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I have a number of filters, at this point. Some of them are for very specific topics, or specific groups of people. Some of them are not opt-in. But some of the choices you have are in this handly little poll.

[Poll #663625]

Comments are screened.


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