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I've filled out the SCA census. Have you?
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Have I mentioned this recently? [ profile] hakamadare has been working on a performance of Henry V with a bunch of local SCA folks. The dress rehearsal (open to the public for free, but donations are welcome to help pay for the space and materials that have gone into the show) is this Friday night. The SCA performance (where, to attend, you get to dress up in garb!) is Saturday night.

I can't make Friday, but I encourage all of you to go if you can. They've been working on this for 6 months, now, and there are many talented cast members. :)

Let me know if you're coming for Saturday! Sit with me! :)
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me: Sweetheart, did you forget to ask Grasshopper not to put potato in my kale?
Steve: No, I ordered the version of kale without potato, according to the menu.
me: Huh. Well, there are potatoes in here. Perhaps no one is allergic to potato (and therefore they don't have to list it on the menu description)?
Steve: Perhaps it is the Grasshopper version of ham. Serafina* comes with a ham, and Grasshopper comes with potato.
me: In Grasshopper country, there is no ham --
both of us: There is only potato!

Serafina is a Texan we know from Pennsic. She feeds people. No, really. She says her period name translates to "comes with a ham."
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I keep meaning to blog this before it escapes me.

While working on the Twelve Goddesses show, I was cast as the goddess Vesta. As in, vestal virgins. As in, ohmygodmylinesareaboutchastity!

[ profile] herooftheage (the director) said he was relieved to have me in the show because I would be willing to play this part. I am astonished he didn't burst out with an evil laugh as he said this to me. ;)

The actual lines I was supposed to deliver were, "Next Vesta, with her flames of zeal, presents herself clad in white purity. Her book the soul's sweet comfort doth reveal by the ever-burning lamp of piety." Show the audience the book (actually a copy of Dante from props mistresses [ profile] dreda and [ profile] rising_moon), get back into the line, go on with the show.

See, the scripted version of my lines was kinda a mouthful. And so I found myself tripping over it in rehearsal, the first couple of times. So it became "Next Vesta, with her flames of steel ..."

Which later became "Next Vesta, with her buns of steel .."

Thank God, I was able to deliver the actual intended lines during the performance. But [ profile] hakamadare and I had a lot of laughter (uncomfortable, on my part) over the idea that I would recite the wrong version in front of those 130 people at the event ...
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I got home from the event yesterday at about 6 pm, and thought I'd just take a nap before going to the cast party/postrevel.

I utterly failed to wake up for my alarm at 8 pm. Instead, I woke up at 6 am. And then I thought to myself, hey, I could sleep some more, since I've likely missed the party. So I went back to sleep until 10:30 this morning.

But hey, I think I'm no longer sleep depped from getting 2.5 hours Friday night! :)


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