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Just had a longish phone chat with [ profile] arib. Saw he was calling, stepped away from my desk, and decided not to let it go to voicemail.

Life is too short to stay angry. Turns out, deciding to let go of it is really awesome. We had a good half-hour talk. I'm kinda proud of both of us for that, if that's not too odd a thing to say. :)
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As I commented to [ profile] lyonesse tonight, I find myself, many months later, feeling less anger and hostility toward [ profile] arib. Definitely not none, but less.

Could be the weather improving. Could be my general life improving. Could be that I have decided to regain some brain cells and spend my energy elsewhere. Anger is time-consuming and exhausting to keep up. Grudges suck that way.

Could also be the conversations I've had with other Orthodox Jews in the past couple of weeks, who've gone out of their way to say that they're not like him, that he's not what all O Jews are like, and they're sorry I had such a horrible experience with him. One of my O friends made me cry tonight, with the support and thoughtfulness he expressed.

And, hey, if I hadn't gone through that crap, I might not be where I am today. Where I am today is demonstrably better than where I was a year ago, and maybe that's what really matters now.

He and Aliza can move out of our neighborhood any day now, though. Honest. We bought this house. We're not leaving, even if we could afford to do so.
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Have I changed your life in some way? If so, how?

Yes, I am filing this under "self-indulgent." So sue me.
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[ profile] hakamadare: You're not the most cranky I've ever seen, but you're somewhat cranky.
me: I'm sorry, Sweetheart, I'm just feeling overwhelmed. At this point, anyone changing anything from what I'm expecting is an unwelcome change, even if it makes things easier for me.
[ profile] hakamadare: *makes comforting noise*
me: E and A emailed me to let me know they weren't coming for dinner, and J hasn't emailed me but I assume he's not coming, anyway ...
[ profile] hakamadare: Well, if J does show up, he'll be eating outside in the snow, and he'll like it, so there!
me: Sweetheart, you make me happy. Thank you. *kiss*
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This is definitely the book of the morning. Go out and read it. I'll wait.

Crystal woke up 10 minutes early this morning, but still managed to be 10 minutes late leaving the house. This caused her to miss the bus that would get her to work on time for her meeting. She could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Crystal rushed out of the house without breakfast, which meant she couldn't take her medication because it would make her throw up. She thinks she left the bottles out on the table, where the cats will throw it onto the floor and hide it beneath the stove. Discovering those bottles, dusty and banged up, at the end of a very long day today will be the end of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Crystal did remember to grab lunch before leaving the house. You would think this would be a bonus. Sadly, no. Crystal's Asian food leftovers, while good-smelling, were not the scent she would choose to wear to work in the morning. And she's not sure how she's going to get that sauce out of her iPod case. This was definitely going to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

... Perhaps she should move to Australia.Continued ... )

And Crystal thought, as she sat down to her computer for work, that this story might amuse all of her friends. And that would make this less of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. In fact, she was sure that a day here with her friends would be better than any day in Australia.

... Although she's okay with testing that hypothesis, someday, when it's cold in New England and warm in Australia. ;)
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Quote of the day: Fuck that shit, yo.

Then again, swearing makes me happy sometimes. I am an odd duck. Does swearing make you happy, guys?


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