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I may or may not have worried that we'd run out of food. ;)

The obligatory food orgy is behind the cut! )
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Deviled eggs & challah to start.
Stuffed hubbard squash with homemade fruit compote.
Ginger-saffron carrot soup.
Baked asparagus with balsamic. (by [ profile] hotpoint)
Baked potatoes. (by [ profile] eldrad)
Roasted cauliflower with garlic and lemon juice.
Bagel-fruit-nut stuffing.
Saute'd greens with garlic. (by [ profile] metahacker and co.)
Morrocan carrots.
We're roasting 2 or 3 ducks on the rotisserie, plus a large turkey.

Finally, for dessert, we have PIES (by [ profile] olivetree): pumpkin coconut, pear butterscotch, blueberry with almond crumble, and pecan maple. And 5 kinds of sorbet made by [ profile] eldrad: lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and beet-ginger.

I know we're having tons of leftovers, but that's part of the plan. We're hosting a small "fancy leftovers" Shabbat dinner Friday night. My plan is to make some roasted vegetables if we run low on food. ;)
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I am quite enamored of my stuffing. It changes every time. I usually use bagels for the bread product, but didn't like the bagel choices at Whole Foods this year. So two kinds of toasted bread (whole wheat and 7 grain) make up about half of the mass of the dish. And the rest is up to my creativity and resourcefulness.

This year, I have saute'd leeks, fennel, and celery from the farm share in a mixture of (Greek) olive oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, and ground ginger. Added to that pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, a sliced apple, dried dates, figs, apricots, cherries, currants, and ... actually, I think that's it. So all of that goes in with the bread, which gets a small amount of egg for sticking together. Oh, and leftover duck stock for moisture.

Made. Of. Awesome.
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So, on the one hand, I spent most of the weekend (starting Friday morning) exhausted & still sick feeling. On the other hand, we interviewed [ profile] clara_girl for housemate potentialship, we had lots of yummy food from Grasshopper, we watched another season's-worth of Deep Space 9, and I finished the following sewing projects: a baby quilt, a present for [ profile] awfief, mending my shirt sleeves, a skirt, and lots of prep work for finishing our wedding quilt.

In general, the past month has had a lot of sewing in it. I've been patching my Mom's two huge quilts as a present for her birthday, and then I got *really motivated* and patched the queen-sized quilt I bought for myself when I was a junior in high school.

I f-ing love this quilt. I believe I bought it after breaking up with John B, my first ever lover, who I thought I was going to marry. I was, in fact, rather decided on marrying him. Him breaking up with me was quite the shocker. But this is the story of the quilt, not my sordid love life. Mostly. )

And, damn, I am really happy with the quilt. And with [ profile] hakamadare. Life is good. :)

Also? I swear, this song came from iTunes on random. iTunes is just that good.
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In an effort to avoid my exploding inbox (which I've pared down from 700+ to 390, but I'm still intimidated), I must make chicken soup.

Chicken Soup:
duck stock from Thanksgiving (from the freezer downstairs)
fresh parsnips, carrots, and potatoes from the winter farmshare
saute'd in duck fat from Thanksgiving (from the freezer upstairs)
herbs (some of which are dehydrated from last year's herb box)
Bartenura Muscato wine (since there was still a bottle in the cupboard, and it's the only white wine in the house)
Aaron's chicken (from the freezer downstairs)

Since I have extra parsnips, carrots, and a beet from the farmshare (and want to use them fresh rather than freezing them), I think I will also make roasted root veggies.

Yep, we're gonna have a good Shabbat. :)
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This will all hopefully be completed by 1ish pm tomorrow.

Thus far:
Turducken is ready to go in the oven, thanks to [ profile] eclectician and [ profile] latvianchick.
Stuffings -- 3 of them -- done (some stuffed into the birds, some as separate dishes)
Pumpkin squash dish
Homemade cranberry sauce
Challah (but possibly not homemade)
Flourless nondairy chocolate cake
Lavendar rice pudding
2 Fruit tarts

To be done tomorrow:
Steve's rice pilaf
Braised turnips in sauce
Orange carrots
Sweet potatoes

So! I think we're in good standing, thus far. :)


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