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As [ profile] lyonesse says so well:

if you've got anything to confess wrt me, it'll be a lot more wholesome if you just do it in this journal rather than as part of somebody else's meme. comments are screened, anonymous is on, and i really don't expect this to generate any traffic. (you may feel free to express dislike, resentment, affection for my dog cats, loathing of candy hearts, or really anything; it doesn't have to be the secret hots for me, either.)

Comment screening is on. If you respond anonymously, my journal default screens it anyway, so go to town. Yes, even if you're mad at me. I'd rather hear it than not know.

I suspect I won't un-screen, so I'll be the only person who knows if this entry is entirely empty of comments. ;)
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Someone has given my phone number to scammers from India. Not merely marketing researchers or folks who otherwise are interested in my opinion, but scammers who want to get my checking account number and deposit $5K (for free!) into it. Yeah, right.

After I hung up on them last night, Lyo gave me the perfect response.

"I'm sorry, I don't feel comfortable giving that information out on my cell phone. Can you call me back on my land line? It's 617-625-1600. Thanks, I appreciate it!"

That land line? The Somerville non-emergency police number.

I just used it. Works like a charm. :)
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I devoured Howl's Moving Castle (much better than the movie). It was fantabulous, a sheer delight, and utter happiness to anyone who opens the covers. I moved a bit more slowly through The Castle in the Air, a retelling of Aladdin, mixing in Howl and Sophie and more creative plot at the end (sort of, maybe a sequel to Howl's Moving Castle). And I found that I automatically paced myself with Fire and Hemlock, of which I'm not sure yet that I understand the ending.

She's a great author. The new ideas she presents are fascinating, and intricate, and incredibly believable (except the ending of F&H, and bits of Castle where the retelling wore a bit thin). I've read over 1000 pages of her writing in the past week, and I'm an incredibly slow reader, myself.

Howl and Castle would be great for any child to read, say, over the age of 10. If they can handle Harry Potter (book 1 or 2, even), they can handle these.

Fire and Hemlock, though, I'd reserve for a kid 15 or older. It's more haunting, and makes less immediate sense. It's still magical, but not in the fairy-magic sort of way. And it has the potential for giving nightmares.

So that's what I've got to say about that. She's definitely a nifty writer, though. Thanks, [ profile] lyonesse, for the pointer. I'll be on the lookout for more of her stuff. :)
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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of home I want to have, to be a part of. This weekend went a long way to solidifying in my head what I like most about my home, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

We had [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] sinboy over for the weekend, essentially. They wanted to go to the beginning of the summer party ("Lefcon," as [ profile] ringel so aptly put it), and needed accomodations, and I love having a guest room that gets used from time to time. I love having folks in my own setting, where I'm comfortable, and making sure that they're comfortable too. I am either becoming a Jewish Mother, or a Homebody. Or both. :P

Socialization, home-building, and my brain. Yum. )

But mostly? I love my husband, I love my house, I love my housemates (including my imminent housemate [ profile] clara_girl), and I'm pretty fond of my life in general. I'm looking forward to improving the house, despite its impending doominess of construction dust, etc. In general, life is good. :)
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Just when you think you can't handle people because they're complicated, difficult, and unhelpful ... you get to take a ride on an LED-lit merry-go-round. Well, if you're me, and you're lucky, you do. It was made by [ profile] sensesurfer, with help from lots of Susboids, and it was fucking fabulous. I look forward to another ride next weekend. :)

Thank you so much, [ profile] lyonesse and [ profile] iabervon. That was just what I needed. :)
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As I commented to [ profile] lyonesse tonight, I find myself, many months later, feeling less anger and hostility toward [ profile] arib. Definitely not none, but less.

Could be the weather improving. Could be my general life improving. Could be that I have decided to regain some brain cells and spend my energy elsewhere. Anger is time-consuming and exhausting to keep up. Grudges suck that way.

Could also be the conversations I've had with other Orthodox Jews in the past couple of weeks, who've gone out of their way to say that they're not like him, that he's not what all O Jews are like, and they're sorry I had such a horrible experience with him. One of my O friends made me cry tonight, with the support and thoughtfulness he expressed.

And, hey, if I hadn't gone through that crap, I might not be where I am today. Where I am today is demonstrably better than where I was a year ago, and maybe that's what really matters now.

He and Aliza can move out of our neighborhood any day now, though. Honest. We bought this house. We're not leaving, even if we could afford to do so.
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So, on the one hand, I spent most of the weekend (starting Friday morning) exhausted & still sick feeling. On the other hand, we interviewed [ profile] clara_girl for housemate potentialship, we had lots of yummy food from Grasshopper, we watched another season's-worth of Deep Space 9, and I finished the following sewing projects: a baby quilt, a present for [ profile] awfief, mending my shirt sleeves, a skirt, and lots of prep work for finishing our wedding quilt.

In general, the past month has had a lot of sewing in it. I've been patching my Mom's two huge quilts as a present for her birthday, and then I got *really motivated* and patched the queen-sized quilt I bought for myself when I was a junior in high school.

I f-ing love this quilt. I believe I bought it after breaking up with John B, my first ever lover, who I thought I was going to marry. I was, in fact, rather decided on marrying him. Him breaking up with me was quite the shocker. But this is the story of the quilt, not my sordid love life. Mostly. )

And, damn, I am really happy with the quilt. And with [ profile] hakamadare. Life is good. :)

Also? I swear, this song came from iTunes on random. iTunes is just that good.


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